First things first, Chip Chop! is fun fashion. It’s tongue-in-chic. And always a little bit French. 

Established in 2006, Chip Chop! is a print focused fashion label, making statement apparel and accessories for women – and most recently, extending into Small Chips (mini-me baby) and lifestyle products.

Founded by graphic designer and wordsmith Hannah Chipkin, the brand created an instant following by transforming what was the humble tote bag into a fashion hero piece. These collectable slogans became the foundation for the brand’s expansion into larger fashion-focused collections as well as leading to some high profile collaborations and worldwide blogger and media attention. 

We don’t take this fashion world too seriously, but we’re serious about what we do and how we do it. Chip Chop! collections are injected with personality, heart and always tell a story. It’s nostalgic, romantic and ‘Paris Cool’. 

Some key label signatures are our simple, easily wearable pieces emblazoned with our original prints, pop colours, playful tone, cheeky slogans and quirky detailing on good quality fabrics. We love crisp graphics: classic stripes, cute hearts, pretty polkadots and words, words, words. Oh and, did we mention – it’s always a little bit French?